Before we start let me tell you that the golden rule is safety. Please read all firework instruction labels thoroughly, Also, each sale we make we will supply you with a comprehensive safety leaflet which you can download here – even if you only buy a pack of sparklers – please take the time to read this. Make sure you stake your multishot cakes to the ground. Make sure you use an adequate rocket launcher. Make sure you have the required distance between the firework and the audience.

Fireworks and Selection Packs

Where do we start? We have a fantastic range of fireworks including cakes, rockets, mines, fountains, candles and indoor pyro. We stock well over 200 individual fireworks ranging from £3 to £229 and selection packs from £10 – £2000. All of our individual fireworks are filmed and available to view on our plasma screens.

Fireworks can be expensive so you are welcome to see before you buy. It’s little use buying a box of Chinese air, it’s all about the chemical composition! If you want to buy a tasty sausage then visit a specialised butcher, if you want a tasty firework then come to us.

Indoor Pyro & Novelty Items

We import and stock a wide range of indoor pyro and party items. We have an array of ice fountains, from standard fountains to fountains on a swizzle stick to put in your cocktails, we supply hand held fountains and even fountains that play happy birthday.

Our best-selling indoor product is the old fashioned indoor firework selection pack which we designed ourselves and have been importing these by the container load for nearly 10 years.

We also stock a range of party items from glow sticks to party poppers, fun snaps, confetti and powder smoke cannons up to 60cm. Have a solid fuel burning fire? Add some sachets of Mystical Fire to it and watch the flames turn different colours for 30 mins!