Individual Fireworks for Sale

Individual Fireworks

Getting on for 200 individual cakes and cake packs, fountains from just over £1 each to 1kg monster cones, some very powerful mines and a huge selection of fantastic rockets from £9.99 for a mixed multi pack to giant rockets with 175g maximum payload.

Firework Selection Packs

Firework Selection Packs

Selection packs start at £10 for small gardens up to giant display packs to £2000. In fact whatever your budget we can help. You tell us what you want to achieve and we can advise, we can even suggest a firing order for you. We have some great deals with either free rockets on our family packs or heavily discounted giant display packs. 

Party Fireworks

Ice Fountains

We import all our ice fountains from Italy, we have a special relationship with Italian indoor pyro masters Pyrogiochi. All our ice fountains are the very top quality, made with food grade plastic and quality chemical composition so there is no smoke or dross. Check out our ice fountains and all our great party products.

Party Sparklers


Let’s be clear about this, sparklers cause more injuries than any other firework. Would you give your child a welding rod? Be very careful when giving to children and make sure they (and you) wear gloves. Never give sparklers to children under 5. All our sparklers have good sturdy handles, we have sparklers that can be used inside or outside up to 45cm and outside only up to 70cm. In fact we have such a range of sparklers it truly beggars belief, we have 18 varieties of sparklers!

Mystic Fire

Novelty and Party items

A wide variety of novelty and party items stocked. Glow sticks, snaps, party poppers, colour flame changing granules, confetti wands and cannons and loads of top quality sky lanterns.

When last in China we discovered some fantastic confetti cannons up to 60cm. These aren’t the cheap rubbish that contain washed out paper confetti, these are stuffed full of shiny metallic foil. We also found a new line which is a coloured smoke powder cannon, they are available in a variety of colours and will not stain clothes or skin. We have a wide range of sky lanterns not just plain white. We have various colours and lanterns with messages – I love you, Keep Calm, Happy Christmas, Happy New Year, Smiley Face and a Rainbow.